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Monday, 25 June 2012

The sexiest legs in B-town.

Poonam Pandey -Sexy nude legs

Dare bare queen Poonam Pandey shows off her legs in this shoot she did for Holi

Aishwaria Rai - sexy nude legs

This was one of those rare occasions when the Bachchan Bahu slipped into something short.

Deepika Padkone - sexy nude legs

On the ramp or off it, Deepika Padukone, is a stunner all the way

Malika sherawat - sexy nude legs

Mallika Sherawat's toned legs. We rest our case.

Soonam Kapoor - sexy nude legs

Sonam Kapoor knows that a short dress is the best way to flaunt those long legs.

Katrina Kaif - sexy nude legs

Isn't she a pretty legs?

Kareena Kapoor - sexy nude legs

Bebo is a darling. Don't you like this pose?

Genelia - sexy nude legs

Genelia shows off her legs

Bipasha Basu - sexy nude legs

Bips oozes oomph. Enough said.

Sushmita - sexy nude legs

Sushmita is perhaps one of those celebs who keep us in a permanent state of awe!

Anushka Sharma - sexy nude legs

Anushka Sharma strikes a pose during a magazine launch

Shilpa Shetty - sexy nude legs

Sexy is'nt it?

Priyanka Chopra - sexy nude legs

In this stunning ramp appearance Piggy Chops lives up to her nick name.

sunny leon - sexy nude legs

Sunny Leone who has made her debut with Jism 2 oozes oomph

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Diet of Hotties Revealed!

Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone - Diet

I understand and I know what my body reacts, so I always eat well balanced meals. I would like to try different cuisines - South Indian is my favorite. I do not overboard. I put on weight when I eat sweets and dessert, so I have to keep it under control. So, if I get dessert, I shared with that person, but I do not deprive myself. (Source: Vogue)

Sonakshi Sinha

Sonakshi Sinha - Diet

My food was very well supported. I eat well. Eat small meals every two hours I keep my metabolism going. Breakfast and lunch usually consists of eggs, brown rice and paratha, two rotis and chicken or fish, or vegetables, and the music. I try out of the carbs and stick to salad for dinner. Guilt trip: I have a sweet tooth, which I try hard to control.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Celeb style check

Sonam's flirty dresses, Bebo takes hot a degree higher. Who do you think is the hottest of them all?

celeb style check

celeb style check